Why Venus?

A profitable investment if you want to rent the apartment or live right here;

Academic institutions of various degrees nearby (kindergartens, schools, FSEGA and Dimitrie Cantemir Universities);

Important shopping galleries just a stone’s throw, like Iulius Mall;

Close to public transportation to all parts of Cluj-Napoca;

Living in a modern residential complex, provided with parking lots and a children's playground;You can relax on the suspended green terrace with free access for the residents.

The benefits of a green roof / green terrace:

  1. It increases the value of the real estate by doubling the landscaped green area without the need to expand the surface of the land, improving the living and working environment;

  2. It reduces heating / cooling costs, being a good thermal insulator, the performance of stratification providing a constant temperature;

  3. It improves the sound insulation capacity (2 cm of soil reduces the perception of 40 decibels);

  4. It has increased fire resistance, being a fire-resistant environment;

  5. The green roof increases the durability of the waterproofing and is protected from direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation;

  6. The lifetime of green roofs (estimated at about 35-40 years) is higher than that of classic roofs (estimated at about 15-20 years). Heat insulation and waterproofing layers are protected by the extensive or intensive growing system used (plant layer thickness is 7 to 50 cm);

  7. The care and maintenance of the green space is minimal for maximum efficiency;

  8. A special landscape as compared to classic roofing.

The environmentally-friendly benefits of the green roof:

  1. It protects and enhances the local fauna and flora;

  2. It improves rainwater management by reducing sewerage network usage by 70-90%, providing a permanent water supply for maintenance (from 7.4 l to 17 l water / sq m);

  3. It improves local microclimate by reducing extreme temperature, solar radiation and increasing air humidity;

  4. It ensures cleaner air by absorbing pollutants from urban environments, consuming carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen; The air in the vicinity of the green roofs is colder and damp, which also leads to the filtration of dust deposits;

  5. It uses solar energy to perpetuate life through photosynthesis;

  6. It creates the effect of a real garden, even at a significant height compared to the elevated pitch;

  7. The 10-cm substrate reduces by 99% the deep propagation of electromagnetic radiation;

  8. It is a type of landscaping practiced since antiquity, found in the valleys of the Tiber and Euphrates.

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