An experienced team of passionate professionals lie behind every project we carry out, who take care of building the best home for you from A to Z - by choosing the ideal living space, drafting projects for apartments configured according to your needs, selecting quality construction materials, and creating environmental premises to enhance your home wellbeing.

We have a 15 years’ experience in the field of construction, during which we have completed more than 1,500 apartments in residential complexes , over 7,500 sq m of commercial and office space and more than 4,500 sqm green terrace, and the results rank us among the top real estate developers on the Cluj market.

We are the leader of residential green developing projects from Romania and a member of Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) since 2010. We obtained those titles due to our preoccupation to respect Green Homes standards in our residential projects. These are performing buildings which put energy efficiency on the first place.

We approach each project with seriousness and sensitivity to the latest trends in the real estate market, while being in harmony with the traditional values and the spirit of the place.

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